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Investment Tools

“I don’t need to take drugs. I trade cryptos”, is a frequent remark among traders/investors in the crypto-community. Given the huge volatility of the markets and speculative nature of many projects, investing and trading frequently go hand in hand in this industry. Our goal is to capture opportunities from both trading for short/medium-term gains and investing for long-term value creation. Our investment tools constitute the key aspects of our competitive advantage compared to many other funds:

  1. Fundamental Technology Analysis – is an obvious step, but one that is overlooked or underestimated by many investors, especially beginners. When we make the technological analysis, the proposal has to make sense. If we are unable to explain the project to our grandmothers or 5-year-old nephews, we do not invest into it.
  2. Information Channels – getting the right information at the opportune moment is key to making profitable decisions before they are discovered by the markets. The variety of channels we have includes both the private sources of information concerning progress of projects, as well as advanced analytical tools and insights into markets.
  3. Discovery of Undervalued Assets – this has been the paradigm of stock investments since the early XX century and the fundamental logic has not changed in the blockchain realm. Every now and then certain assets are undervalued. We are there to seize the opportunity.
  4. Advanced Trading Tools – we have expertise in building exchanges and trading platforms. Over time we have gathered expertise in development of advanced trading tools, including high-frequency trading, development of trading bots and engineering of dark pools.
  5. Strategic Partnerships – we forge relationships with the leading actors and stakeholders in the blockchain sphere. This allows us to enter partnerships and deals that offer better conditions for investments compared to the public offerings.

These tools allow our fund participants to get better returns on investment coupled with lower systemic risk for their funds.