Blockchains are

And we have been following them from obscurity to fame. So what’s next?

Blockchain Technology
Blockchain is the new internet, but the technological, economic and political modalities of the blockchain as well as the competing environment of the multitude of blockchains require prescient multifaceted analysis.
Digital Assets
Cryptocurrencies, tokens, digital assets, tokenised commodities, digital shares and blockchain domains are only some of the innovative financial and technological inventions, some of whose functionalities are yet to be fully discovered.
Investment Tools
Emerging markets offer great opportunities for investors, but can also burn badly and cause complete loss of funds. Solid combination of the right information, widgets, bots, strategy and audacity is needed for a solid chance of success.
Dedicated Software
There is an array of software designed to bridge the blockchain technology with legacy infrastructure. Some projects have poor technological compatibility or low economic feasibility; others may take years to be realised.